Donate Money

Every dollar you donate helps provide meals to families in need.

The Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen operates on monetary donations from local churches, civic organizations and private individuals. Breads, pastries and produce are donated by local supermarkets and stores. Citizens of Clarksville donate vegetables from their gardens and leftovers from banquets. Community food drives help keep our pantry full and operational.

Over 50 million Americans don’t know where their next meal will come from. Many are working families, children and the elderly.

Monthly Giving:

By giving a regular amount each month, your gift adds up to make an even bigger difference in the lives of hungry Americans all year long.

Make an even bigger impact by enlisting your friends and family to help you raise money for the fight against hunger by starting an online Virtual Food Drive.

Loaves-and-Fishes-soup-kitchen-4 How you can donate financially:

  • Give monetary donations out-right (cash or check)
  • Give online – click here to donate.
  • Endowment – click here to learn more
  • Take a charitable gift deduction by donating shares of stock


Loaves and Fishes
PO Box 3241
Clarksville, TN 37043


What is a donor-advised fund?

A donor-advised fund—or DAF—is a charitable account, sponsored by a public charity, which donors use to support their phlianthropy. After establishing a donor-advised fund, the donor may recommend grants to qualified public charities and may also advise the sponsoring organization (e.g. Fidelity Charitable® or Schwab Charitable, etc.) on the investment strategy for the charitable assets. A sponsoring organization is a 501(c) (3) public charity that sponsors a donor-advised program, which often consist of thousands of individual DAF accounts.


From November 28 through December 31, PayPal will add 1% to all donations made to benefit Loaves And Fishes through PayPal’s Holiday Campaign
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