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Ann Doherty was born in Austria and came to the United States with her husband Joe, who worked for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. They eventually moved to Clarksville in 1972.

Ann has one son, Patrick, and a grandson Joey, who is “the love of her life.” For relaxing and having fun, she enjoys lunch with friends, reading, Japanese puzzles, sewing for her church and volunteering both for Loaves and Fishes and her church, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

Asked how she got involved with Loaves and Fishes, she smiled and said, “Over 27 years ago I started volunteering and I’m still here!” On most days you will find Ann wearing many hats; from meal planning, correspondence, cooking, serving, going shopping, pick-up and delivery, to supervisor. There is not a job she hasn’t done to see that six days a week there is enough food to feed the most hungry. Ann says she just looks forward to getting up each day and knowing that she has a place to go to be helpful, be with her friends and share her love of others.

Her favorite memory while working at Loaves and Fishes is this: a man would eat at Loaves and Fishes every day for a long time, and everyone knew him by name. Then one day, he told Ann that that would be his last day eating at Loaves and Fishes. He told Ann that he had two children and that he had found a job that paid good wages. He told her he had been eating at Loaves and Fishes that long to save money so he could buy shoes for his kids. Months later he returned with an envelope with $500 inside to repay Loaves and Fishes!

All the volunteers admire and appreciate Ann’s dedication to the soup kitchen.
Thank you Ann for your many years of service. Loaves and Fishes has been blessed with your presence these twenty-seven years!