"An agency that feeds the hungry"

Loaves & Fishes – Clarksville, Tennessee - An Agency that Feeds the Hungry

Our Staff

Executive Director: Dr. Rita Burnett

Board Chair: Tamara Long
Vice-Chair: Issac Wright
Secretary: Diane Miner
Treasurer: Malinda Mabry-Scott

Board Members:

  • Will Sanders
  • Jill Crow
  • Issac Wright
  • Dr. Price Hopson 
  • Malinda Mabry-Scott
  • Charles Keene
  • Tamara Long
  • Diane Miner
  • Donna Richardson



The Board meets monthly. Board members serve 1 year terms, and are limited to a max of three terms as Board Chair.

Kitchen Supervisors:

  • Melody Erb
  • Patricia Streak
  • John Hilborn
  • Mike Occonnell
  • Gisele Asquith
  • Ron McCafferty
  • Connie Branchau
  • Ron Lanfear
  • Vicki Oguin




Loaves and Fishes employs two part-time dishwashers and a custodian. 

Kitchen Manager: Vicki Oguin

Warehouse Manager: Mike Vaughn

Volunteer Coordinator: Diane Miner

Warehouse Coordinator: Issac Wright