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Volunteer of the Month

Connie Brancheau

Connie Branchau

Connie is a transferee from upstate New York. She and her husband Bob moved to the Clarksville area seeking a warmer climate ten years ago. They have three grown sons, grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Connie’s earlier careen was in nursing. In moving to Clarksville, she somewhat retired but realized that wouldn’t work because she loved nurturing and helping people. So, Connie got involved with friends who referred her to Loaves and Fishes and the local Red Cross.

Connie is very involved with both organizations. She volunteers at Loaves and Fishes as a Kitchen Supervisor and at The Red Cross as Clinical Caseworker Supervisor over seven counties. She travels with The Red Cross disaster team as a caseworker.

Loaves and Fishes salutes Connie for her years of dedication to her community.

“I got involved with Loaves and Fishes because I love helping people” Connie said. “Here is one reason why. When I had been working at the Soup Kitchen for about a year an elderly woman came in and walked up to the food counter. She had a young boy about three or four years old in her arms. She had never been in before and wanted to know who was in charge. On that day, I was, so she asked me ‘What do I need to do to feed my grandson?’ Her daughter had gotten a job interview out of town and she was keeping her grandson and had nothing for him to eat. She wanted nothing for herself, only food for her grandson. I welcomed her and told her just get in line and they could have all the food they needed. When she got to the counter she got out her change purse and put a quarter in the donation jar. Every time I think ‘I don’t want to get up early and go to the Soup Kitchen,’ I think of her! I feel very blessed and want to give back by using my God given talents.”

Thank You, Connie, for blessing Loaves and Fishes with your presence!