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Pat Streck



Pat Streck

Pat Streck, a supervisor at Loaves and Fishes, was raised in the Boston area. She moved with her husband to Van Buren, Maine, where she lived for 33 years raising her three children and being a foster mom to over 200 other children.

Pat moved from Maine to Clarksville, Tennessee after visiting her daughter and seeing her married. After arriving in Clarksville she looked for a place to volunteer, and Loaves and Fishes answered her prayer.

Pat has given her life to family, foster children and caring for mentally disturbed adults, and now she cares for the clients at Loaves and Fishes. Each one touches her heart.

Pat loves her family and friends, as well as cooking, volunteering, and camping. She believes in the ministry of Loaves and Fishes “Feeding the Hungry.” She wants to make a difference in the lives of the clients of Loaves and Fishes.

One client that regularly eats at Loaves and Fishes loves chocolate cake. On the days Pat is supervising the soup kitchen, she makes sure that he gets his chocolate cake. Pat sys “It’s a joy to work at Loaves and Fishes. Each client touches my heart.”

Loaves and Fishes appreciates Pat Streck’s dedication to serve and make a difference. It is our privilege to designate Pat Streck as Loaves and Fishes “Volunteer of the Month.”

Thank You, Pat!